b'FEATURED ARTICLEDont waffle with more words than you need. HeresThat means using words like you and I or we and us. another excerpt from the golf club email.Keep your writing conversational and avoid overly formal Members are asked to observe the signagelanguage. Treat your reader with respect to reinforce the provided located in specific areas and ensure thatpartnership you share. A human voice is not patronising or we practise social distancing at all times. Furtherobsessed with rules. It is supportive, encouraging, warm to previous correspondence regarding the currentand honest.restrictions with golf and clubhouse activities, it is imperative that we all socially distance ourselves from one another at all times. Its critical to remember that our communications can have a lasting impact on our readers. Poorly written, they can disenfranchise, alienate or disrupt otherwise harmonious Thats 51 words to say what couldve been said in 11.relationships.Please follow the signs and practise socialBut well written communications can do wonders. When distancing at all times. you write succinctly and thoughtfully you can convey joy, Brevity conveys your message and makes reading easier. pride, a sense of celebration and loyalty. Even if you need to convey bad news, good writing can elicit understanding and acceptance. 4. HumanityThisisacriticalpillarwhenwritingtoyoureducationGood luck. And stay safe.community.Everyonehasexperiencedachallenging 2020. But teachers and families with primary or secondary schoolstudentsinthehouseholdhavebeenunder immense pressure.They need to hear the empathy in your written word. The human element. Just as if you were speaking to them face- Frank Chamberlinto-face. Your writing needs to sound naturalmaintainingCopywriter and Writing Trainer,a personal style will help you achieve this. Action WordsCLICK TO VIEW THE ACTIONWORDS WEBSITEOCTOBER 2020 87'