b'FEATURED ARTICLEAndrew Baxter - The Implications of COVID-19 forNicolette Kordos - Running an online businessTo build bonds with donors, the Haileybury FoundationCocktail parties and major events dont appeal to every team has also used webinars and virtual gatherings ofdonor and can have times or locations that are prohibitive as few as eight donors and a staff member. Such groupsand thus we need to think of different ways to engage, havediscussedhowtheirgiftsareassistingstudentsthankexistingdonors,showimpactandattractnew whowouldntotherwisehavehadtheopportunityofadonors.Haileybury education. We needed to dream up new ways to keep a fledgling community of donors interested.Thepandemichasforcedusintonewthinking.And perhaps not before time. Education has changed forever WetitledourmixofonlineeventstheDonorImpactand so has the work of those working in Advancement. Series. Events were held in Zoom meeting format styleI cant wait to hear your stories of success.where donors could interact with each other, the guest presenters and members of the staff. The aim was to do exactly what we would do for in person eventsshow theBeing involved in the community helps to shape impact our donors were having. It quickly became a ritual.your thinking. The outreach in being a blessing Donors built their entire schedule around this fortnightlyto others is a resource for reflection and much show.gratitude.Germany KentMeetings took the form of a presentation from a senior member of staff, allowing donors to hear about progress fromvariousareasoftheSchool.Staffmembers included Heads of Campus, Director of Sport, Heads of Curriculum and Vice Principal Community Engagement and Advancement. We followed this up with a short (live) messagefromoneofourScholarshipstudents.These students would not have had a Haileybury education had it not been for the generosity of our donors.Itwasincredibletoseethereactionsofthoseinthe meeting when they had the chance to see first-hand the impact of their gift. For many it was an incredibly uplifting experience, for others, the highlight of their week. It was their opportunity to see how they had changed someones life forever. From the comfort of their homes. And it couldRussell Davidsonbecome morethink musical performances, school toursDirector of Development & Alumni Relations, and/or wine and cheese tasting. Haileybury, VictoriaOCTOBER 2020 6 9'