b'FEATURED ARTICLEOHA Webinar Series - The Future of Sport, with Luke Bould (OH 91)Wecoveredahugeamountofground,involvedmany Alumnifromavarietyoffields,butmostimportantly engaged with a huge number of Alumni, many of whom we had not ever seen at a face to face eventperhaps because of their geographical challenges, lack of time or lack of desire to attend a regular event. Some of the really interesting conversations included;An update from our Principal, Derek Scott.A 3-part series on the basics of money management for younger Alumni.Discussionsonentrepreneurshipfromvarious business owners (see webinar on previous page with Kym Huynh on Building & Utilising Your Networks).Adviceonjobinterviews,resumesandvirtual meetings from an HR expert.A scientist advising on his progress in developing a vaccine for COVID-19.ConversationswithsomeofourleadingsportingAllowing people to actually do something rather than just Alumni (see webinar above with Luke Bould).staring at a screen has its benefits. And it is not just in Alumni relations that we can have connection with our MasterClasseshavealsoworkedwellandengagedconstituents. After a lot of trial and error, fundraisers are asignificantnumberofmembers.Wevehadcookingfinding that an effective way to build ties to donors is to classesanddemonstrations,doityourselfmakeupfocus on small online gatherings. demonstrations and preparing the perfect platter. 6 8 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'