b'FEATURED ARTICLEwhat our community needs from usWhenengagingthisnewtypeofcommunityandOurdatahighlightedafewrecurringthemesand developing a framework to achieve this, it was important towidespread needs we could address for our community. take a theoretical community engagement approach. ThisMany in the community simply wanted to stay in touch framework is based on principles of understanding whowith the school and have a social outlet, but a significant makes up our community, where they live and what theyproportionhopedforbusinessandcareernetworking do. Community members are to be informed, consulted,opportunities. involvedandempoweredtofeeltheycancontribute meaningfully to activities. To follow this approach, we:Weestablishedacommunicationplananddeveloped astrategyfordeliveringactivitiesthatwould turnedtorecentsurveysanddatatomapoutthebenefitthebroadcross-sectionofourcommunity demographics of our communitywhilstmappingouttimelinesforcommunication spoketoouryoungerAlumnitounderstandtheiranddeliveryofinitiatives.Thisincluded: struggles and concernsconsulted with parent communities establishing a Carey community business directory sought feedback through simple surveys on what ourupdatingandpromotingourmentoringplatform Alumni needand encouraging Alumni to revisit and update their informationinvitedourAlumnitoorganiseandfacilitatetheirinforming staff at Carey that Alumni were available events. and willing to assist in their online learning programscreatingalineofcommunicationwithourAlumni through newsletters and social media informing them of the many opportunities to exchange and share their knowledge through online school programsestablishing a series of events for young Alumni and international Alumni with a focus on networking and career opportunities.weekly online events focussing on personal and professional productivity, leadership and staying motivated in difficult timesOnline zoom session reshaping traditional eventssuch as Anzac Day and older demographic reunionsinto online topical conversations and interviews to create interestIt is really wonderful how much resilience thereinviting Alumni to share their stories and messages of is in human nature. Let any obstructing cause,hope.international alumni with a focus on networking no matter what, be removed in any way, even byand career opportunities through the pandemicdeath, and we fly back to first principles of hope and enjoyment.weeklyonlineeventsfocussingonpersonaland Bram Stoker professionalproductivity,leadershipandstaying motivated in difficult timesreshapingtraditionaleventssuchasAnzacDay and older demographic reunionsinto online topical conversations and interviews to create interest inviting alumni to share their stories and messages of hope through COVID-19.26 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'