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Welcome to +U, a unique page for our tertiary members, where you can access information that is relevant to your role and your institution. Use this portal to connect to our tertiary events, resources and forums. Find information about learning opportunities, links to online discussions and engagement with mentors and peers.

Working in advancement within the tertiary education sector can be very rewarding. It can also be challenging navigating through the complexities of a tertiary environment.

Whether you work in a diversified team at a university or are a solo operator at a Residential College, this portal is just for you. The content is aimed solely at the tertiary market and the speakers, articles and mentors all operate in that space.

Please let us know what you would like to see more of, as we welcome the engagement and the input to make this purposeful for you. You can contact us directly or click on the +Feedback link to the right of this page to fill out a 2 min survey. 


2020 Webinar Series

Educate Plus offered a four-part Friday series for our tertiary members in 2020 which we hope to build on in 2021 – Flexibility and Fluidity, how COVID shapes us, to talk about what we learned and what is here to stay. Speakers from Australia, New Zealand and around the world shared insights and discussed the future of our work. 

The sessions are available here to watch in our library :

webinars on-demand


Residential Colleges –
Educate Plus purposefully supporting you

Educate Plus is committed to more fully supporting the Residential College sector. To this end, we have crafted a four-part webinar series specifically for Residential College colleagues titled, In Conversation with ….’. We are currently planning for our 2021 program so please feel free to email Mandy McFarland with any suggestions on what tailored support Educate Plus can offer you and your staff, and how best to craft our data collection to create a useful 2021 study that benefits all of us


Latest News

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