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We’re thrilled to start welcoming members from Asia to our Educate Plus network. Here, you’re not just another member, you’re part of a vibrant community dedicated to Advancement within the education sector.

Whether you’re here to share your expertise, learn something new, or simply connect with like-minded individuals, you’ll find a warm and supportive environment waiting for you. Together, we’re building something special, and we would love for you to be a part of it. So take a look around, ask questions, and feel free to dive right in. We’re excited to get to know you and to embark on this journey together!

Please take some time to explore this page and view some of the benefits we offer to our Members.

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Meet a few of your fellow Educate Plus Members in Asia

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Abhra Bhattacharjee F.Edplus

Director of Development & Head of Foundation, Tanglin Trust School, Singapore
Ylva Kovacs

British Embassy School, New Dehli, INDIA
Laura Tyson
Director Of Development And Community Relations, Kellett School, Hong Kong
Yvonne Trisynthia
Director of Engagement, NIST International School, Bangkok
Alex Manton
Founder/Creative Director, SchoolHouse Agency, Singapore
Kirsten Möench

Head of External Communications and Relations, German European School singapore (GESS)
Heath HIGnight

Chief Advancement Officer, Hong Kong International School, Hong Kong
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What’s on offer?

Educate Plus
 provides Professional Development Opportunities, Conferences, Summits & Mentoring Programs to assist Advancement professionals to continually evolve in best practice, developing meaningful and enduring relationships with educational stakeholders.

We offer a host of benefits to our members which include Special Interest Groups (SIGS) focussed on your specific area of work, a biennial Chapter Summit (coming in 2025) and our International Conference (Perth, September 2024).

Click on the button below for a full list of our Member Benefits

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Knowledgebank Preview

Our Knowledgebank houses many valuable assets including presentations, webinars and recordings. We have curated a sample of webinars from our Knowledgebank for you to peruse – you will need to log in as a member to view more resources in the Knowledgebank.

Please click on the ‘pluses’ below to view the recorded webinars in each of our ‘streams’: Admissions, Alumni & Community Relations, Fundraising, Leadership, Marketing & Communications and People and Culture (webinar coming soon!).

Customer Retention: An Admissions Club Webinar

Presenters: Timo Nieuwoudt, Bianca Coleborn and Samantha Hunt

Our panel of experts discuss hot topics around family engagement in this interactive session.

Keeping your existing families happy is much easier (and cheaper!) than acquiring new ones. The team explore different retention concepts and frameworks, and how to measure your success.

Mastering Impactful Admissions And Marketing Reports For Principals And Your Board Webinar

Presenters: Susie Gill and Carmel Brewster

Learn how to create impactful reports that effectively communicate the achievements and challenges of your admissions and marketing efforts to principals and board members.

Excellence Series Webinar 3 | Strathcona Girls’ Grammar

Presenter: Marion Cape. Facilitator: Chanel Hughes 

This Excellence Webinar showcases the 2022 Admissions Publication winner.

Attracting prospective families to our institutions remains such a core driver and Marion Cape from Strathcona Girls’  Grammar shares how authentic storytelling and bold design translated to an online Prospectus and helped the school herald their primary message of ‘To Become Unstoppable, a Girl must first be set into motion.’

Improving Engagement Via Social Networks For Alumni  Webinar 

Presenters: Merryn Parks, Catherine Rainbow, and Rebecca Healy

We easily focus engagement activities on the community groups in front of us. However, it would be remiss to overlook former students, past parents and previous staff. Especially as they are larger in number (and potential impact) than those on site each term.

Collectively these segments are geographically dispersed. They cross many life stages. This makes engagement more challenging. Social networks can help to bridge the divide. Activities via socials can be more regular than events and more relational than emails or publications.

But are we maximising the opportunity? We know more can be done than the occasional alumni achievement post. But what works? And which channels should get your attention?

Excellence Series Webinar 5 | The Womens’ College at UQ and Somerville House

Presenters: Rebecca Bauer and Susan McGinley. Facilitator: Chanel Hughes

This Excellence Webinar showcases the 2022 Admissions Publication winner.

Attracting prospective families to our institutions remains such a core driver and Marion Cape from Strathcona Girls’  Grammar shares how authentic storytelling and bold design translated to an online Prospectus and helped the school herald their primary message of ‘To Become Unstoppable, a Girl must first be set into motion.’

Excellence Series Webinar 4 | Geelong Grammar School and Scotch Oakburn College Webinar 

Presenters: Helen Beasley and Nicole Willcox Facilitator: Lincoln Size

Welcome to our fourth Excellence Webinar Series, where we showcase the 2022 Annual Giving Campaign winners. This is an excellent professional development opportunity to learn about best practice, share the challenges and achievements.

View the winning presentations on two different Annual Giving campaigns as our presenters share the secrets to the success of their first ever Giving Days.

Geelong Grammar raised an incredible $1.25M from 647 generous donors, all achieved despite lockdowns and significant staff changes. The judges were particularly impressed by Geelong’s videos which supported the campaign in an engaging and highly strategic manner and the establishment of a skills based Giving Day working party which ensured such a huge success.  

Major Gifts Fundraising Webinar

Presenter: Nicole Bassett

Dr Nicole Bassett is dedicated to helping donors to find their passion. This presentation covers key success factors for finding major gifts prospects, getting them over the line and working in partnership for the next gift. Professionals working in Alumni, Fundraising & Development, and anyone wanting to get into this area will benefit from this webinar.

Setting Up For A Successful 2024

Presenter: Dan Kuss

Last year, 75% of us felt burned out ‘often’ or ‘always’, and 63% of the Australian workforce was ‘quiet quitting’ – or, displaying low levels of engagement. Did you know that managers hold 70% of the influence over employee engagement and play a significant role in whether an employee stays or quits for greener pastures. For those who want to stay where we are, what can be done about it? 

Leading For Improvement Webinar

Presenter:Dr Frauke Meyer. Facilitator: Emma Zigan

In this Leadership focused webinar, organised by the NZ Chapter, Dr Frauke Meyer discusses key aspects of effective leadership aimed at organisational improvement. A brief overview of system level leadership is followed by a more close investigation of interpersonal leadership practices that are needed to lead improvement and work with individual staff, teams, and the wider organisation.  

While Frauke’s research is situated in schools, she draws on organisational theory and improvement science and discusses ideas and practices that are applicable across organisational contexts.

Unlocking Growth Opportunities: The Value of Promoting Your Organisation as an Education Destination Webinar

Presenter: Dan Bunker

In this webinar, Dan Bunker, the visionary behind YouTour, shows you how to leverage emerging technologies like AI, microsite campaigns, hyper targeted video, virtual tours, and analytics to increase your marketing output and ultimately stand out from your rivals. Dan shares from his experience of working with hundred’s of clients like Knox Grammar, QUT and the University of Queensland.

You will learn how leading marketing teams are implementing AI content strategies legally while protecting their school’s intellectual property from large AI learning models. Explore how virtual tours are evolving from facility tours to highly engaging user journeys for parents. How leading schools in Australia are currently simplifying their parent onboarding experiences through microsites, creating a one-stop shop for all essential information. Dan also touches on cool tools like the iPhone 15 Pro and how you can combine it with AI image software to create captivating ad campaigns that were previously reserved exclusively to agencies.

Technology is moving very fast! Dan will bring you up to speed with practical tips, case studies and ways in which you can elevate your school’s growth potential in the digital age.

A Savvy Marketer’s Guide To Website Design Webinar

Presenters: Amy Wadell and Timo Nieuwoudt

Your website is your institution’s single most important marketing tool.  Amy Wadell, Senior Designer, and Timo Nieuwoudt, Head of Marketing from Digistorm, will guide you through this practical goal-setting/design workshop to help you prepare for your next website refresh.

Viewing will leave you feeling empowered and inspired with realistic goal-setting examples, functional design ideas and an understanding of website basics so you can have powerful conversations to drive and manage change at your institution.  

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Stay Connected!

We value open communication and want to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening in your region. We encourage our communities to use our platforms to ignite conversation and stay connected with your fellow Advancement professionals to keep abreast of best practice, discover new approaches and technologies and gain valuable industry insights.

To keep you to up to date with what’s happening at Educate Plus and within your sector, please connect with us on FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn.

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Educate Plus hosts a number of events and networking opportunities throughout the year, some are face to face and Chapter specific and some are open to everyone via online SIGs and webinars. Attending these events provides a great opportunity to meet colleagues who work in the same areas and streams as you, to ask questions, network with other professionals and leave feeling inspired!

We would love you to start hosting events in your area. If you have an idea for an event or regional networking event, please contact

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Face2Face Magazine

Face2Face serves as Educate Plus’ premier publication, released annually to spotlight the forefront of Advancement trends, cutting-edge technologies, and influential thought leadership. As a prospective member, delving into this publication provides a comprehensive glimpse into the dynamic activities and initiatives underway within Educate Plus across our extensive networks

The brief to all the contributors for the current edition was to discuss how they see AI impacting the Advancement industry. It is really interesting to note how similar many of the perspectives are regardless of where they are located, what their role is or which community they serve. Please enjoy their very personal and frank observations.

You can view the latest issue here!

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Join us…

If you’re not already a member, we invite you to join us – become a member of Educate Plus (and become part of our very first Chapter in Asia)

By becoming a member, you will gain an incredible opportunity to network, learn and grow both personally and professionally. Our community is a vibrant hub of like-minded individuals passionate about Advancement and your unique perspective and talents would undoubtedly add enormous value to our Association. 

Our biggest asset is our local connection and the on-the-ground peer support we offer. 

Don’t miss the chance to be part of something exceptional. Join us and join our warm, professional and supportive community. 

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