Experienced and committed Educate Plus members are recognised for their contribution to the industry and the organisation by the awarding of a Fellowship. These special awards are made biennially.

It is a wonderful organisation and I have been so very well supported and feel fortunate to be part a of such a collegiate and inclusiveness professional community. This is one of the hallmarks of its success.

Image: new fellows in 2018

Fellowship Criteria

Fellowships are recommended by the Chapter Presidents and their Committees and endorsed by the CEO and Board.


A minimum of 7 years ‘full’ membership and professional involvement in:

  • Development/Advancement field. This can be in any particular pillar: Fundraising, Admissions, Alumni & Community Relations, Marketing & Communications
  • Current ‘full’ financial membership of  Educate Plus, or in the immediate year for a person who is retiring or who has left the profession
  • A number of years of significant service to Educate Plus and the profession through membership of and genuine contribution to important Educate Plus committees and other forms of contribution
  • Contribution through presentation of papers and organisation of seminars/conferences and other forums

Recognition and honouring of long serving, high achieving, and senior members of the profession.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list, if there have been any errors or omissions you are invited to contact the CEO – Mandy McFarland

Fellow Listing by Chapter

NSW/ACT Chapter

First Name Last Name
Jo Mulligan
Janet Appleby
Erica Aronsten
Barbara Beasley
John Benn
Helen Carlson
Marilyn Cook
Mary Cook
Bernie Curran
John Da Cruz
Jackie Dalton
David Day
Gillian Farrell
Judy Ford
Jill Green
Sarah Gregory
Martha Halliday
Alison Handmer
Murray Happ
Christine Howard
Nick Jaffer
Sue Lancaster
Diane Lawrence
Rod Loneragan
Catherine Marvell
Alicia Maunsell
Graham McGregor
Paul McShane
Trish O’Brien
David Osborne
Grace Paraino
Elizabeth Pellinkhof
Bruce Perry
Elizabeth Pont
Michael Punch
Richard Quinn
Kate Richardson
Marilyn Rickard
Ted Rollinson
Andrew Rowley
Bob Sloane
Myfanwy Stanfield
Gordon Stewart
Max Stewart
Tony Stove
Holly Thurman
Mary Jane Trujillo
Robert Tunchon
Pip Warrick
Graham Willard

NZ Chapter

Michael Atkins
Catherine Boyer
Jo Brady
Debbie Cook
Ric Fletcher
Martine Foster
Vicki Fowler
John Godfrey
Robert Hay
Ann Louise Jordan
Christopher Klaassen
Janice Lapwood
Claire Mackintosh
Wayne McKenzie
Shelagh Murray
Carolyn Prebble
Jill Rodgers
Patricia Walbridge
Naomi Wilde
Jane Williams
Graeme Woodside

QLD Chapter

John Bacon
John Braithwaite
Graham Brown
Jeff Buchanan
Henry Campey
Wendy Carter
John Collins
Glenda Fitz-Payne
Lea Walker-Franks
Terrence Gabbedy
Graham Gardiner
Cameron Gibson
John Hocknull
Morag Hocknull
Max Hutton
Bob Keetels
Andrew Pentland
Sue Russell
Warren Sturgess
Sally Thibault

SA/NT Chapter

Rosaleen Aust
Jane Bourne
Sue Carboon
David Cornish
James Donaghy
Karin Dunsford
Maxine Farrows
John Forbes
Roger French
Kay Fyfe
Sue Giacobbe
Linda Griffith
Christine Henshall
Mack Jones
Patrick Kelly
Sharee Kinnaird
Monica Klingberg
John Kramer
Susan Lear
Clare MacAdam
Tracy McNamara
Suzanne Moorhead
Geoffrey Sauer
Karen Schaumloffel
Peter Trenorden

VIC/TAS Chapter

Ann Badger
Campbell Bairstow
Barbara Blandy
Elizabeth Board
Sarah Brook
Stewart Brook
Peter Crook
Russell Davidson
Sue Felton
John Fitzgerald
Chavaune Francis
Lynne Franke
Chanel Hughes
Jen Hutton
Michael Joyce
Terry Kitchen
Carol Lancashire
Adam Liddiard
Sue Lines
Beryl McMillan
Maria Mercuri
Rob Nethercote
Frank Opray
Barbara Peatman
John Phillips
Clare Pullar
Brian Reid
Bo Rutecki
Gerlinde Scholtz
Tim Shearer
Rosemary Sheludko
Marilyn Simon
Janice Thomas
Michael Thornton
Natalie van Wetering
Paul Walsh
Alan Watkinson
Stephanie West


WA Chapter

Andrew Baird
Margo Bastow
Dean Bowker
Tony Bretherton
Michael Burgess
Julie Cameron
Julie Carlton
Meredith Eddington
Anne Gingell
Kerrin Girando
Judy Greaney
Jo Haynes
Tony Hume
Zenda Johnson
Ruston Long
Mandy McFarland
Alex Panarese
Graeme Plummer
Ken Pride
Kate Quinn
Peter Robertson
Michael Shearer
David Williams


Peter Habel
Ian McLean


Vanessa Coates
Astrida Cooper
John Lewis
Bernard Curran
Denise  Mohr
Martin Pitt
Rosemary Lukin
Robert Sim


Honouring those who have been awarded the Trevor Wigney Award

1994 Peter Crook

1996 Brian Reid and Michael Thornton

1998 Linda Griffith

2000 Ann Badger

2002 Alex Panarese

2004 Mack Jones

2006 Clare Pullar and John Kramer

2008 Henry Campey

2010 Dr Alan Watkinson and Sue Lear

2012 Marilyn Rickard

2014 Carolyn Prebble and Diane Lawrence

2016 Debbie Cook

2018 John Collins