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Productivity Commission Report

As you may know, the Productivity Commission (the Australian Government’s independent research and advisory body) has launched an inquiry into philanthropy in Australia with an objective of doubling giving by 2030. The Commission called for submissions from a wide cross-section of the community and Educate Plus made a submission in May this year. In preparing the submission, Educate Plus collaborated with CASE and FIA to ensure that as representative, membership bodies, we were not overlapping messages as we wanted to give the sector the best opportunity to propose change.

The draft Report from the Productivity Commission was released on 30 November and contains various recommendations that will have significant impact on primary and secondary schools in Australia. The most concerning recommendation pertains to DGR status being withdrawn for school Building Funds.

We encourage you to read the Report and listen to the webinar if you have not already done so, and to determine how this will affect your institution.

Read the initial Educate Plus Submission here and our Response to the Draft Reporthere.

Thank you to all the institutions and individuals who responded to the Commissions’ Draft Report. This is an important discussion.

Webinar – 13 December 2023

Next steps:

  • Educate Plus and CASE have made separate submissions in response to the Draft Report which encapsulates your feedback over the past two months
  • Educate Plus will be attending the Productivity Commission’s Hearing in Perth on 19 February 2024 to publicly advocate your opinion to the Draft Report
  • Please share this issue to your colleagues in your network and at other schools (Feel free to forward the link of the webinar)

You have a powerful voice in this space so thank you for your willingness to use it!

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