Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program –  Available to Educate Plus Members!

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We are delighted to share the exciting news of the launch of our new mentoring platform, Mondo MentorCloud.

This is an innovative, new mentoring platform which will enable users to take control of their own mentoring activities. 

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Mentor or Mentee?

You can sign up to the program either as a Mentor or a Mentee, or both!

Mentors – we are ideally looking for people who would like to help others grow in their career and personal development. Being a Mentor offers a great opportunity to give back to your profession and see it thrive.  Mentoring can provide great personal and professional satisfaction whilst further developing skills in leadership, communication and coaching.

Mentees – Typically people who would like to get practical advice and guidance from passionate leaders in their field.  You are looking for someone to bounce ideas off, gain further perspectives, identify goals and establish a sense of direction. Mentoring also enables expansion of professional and personal networks.

New Platform

Our new Mentoring Platform taps into the power of mentorship. It facilitates conversations both in person and via an online meeting space. The site has a leading-edge matching engine using algorithms to ensure mentors and mentees find someone who fits their needs and matches their values.

This user-friendly platform enables mentors and mentees to easily track tasks, share notes, schedule meetings and conversations either via the online meeting program, on the phone or face to face.  Click here to view a webinar on how to navigate the platform.

Another exciting feature of the site is the ability to create roundtable meeting “rooms” where members can be invited to join you for topic driven conversations.  On this platform you are not bound by geographical limits; you will be able to share and exchange ideas, thoughts and knowledge with peers across Australasia.

Sign up today!

Ready to become a Mentor or like to join as a Mentee? Click here to be taken to the mentoring platform. You can sign in using your Educate Plus login. You will then be invited to use your LinkedIn profile to register or complete the online form.  The more information you give the better the opportunity for the perfect match!