Mentoring Program

New Mentoring Program – Coming Soon!

Educate Plus are launching a new mentoring program in April 2018!

Stay tuned for more information and how you can sign up. This exciting new program will be free for members. 


New Mentoring Program Coming Soon from Educate Plus on Vimeo.


The Value of Mentoring

A  ‘real life’ Educate Plus mentor and mentee



Tonya Peters, Development Manager,
Ruyton Girls’ School, Melbourne

In 2013, I was the Director Development at Ruyton and strategically the School wanted to embark on various developments which would require fundraising. I hadn’t been responsible for a capital campaign before and knew I needed to find ways of upskilling – quickly!

I searched the Mentor list on the Educate Plus website and saw there were various Mentors listed, each with a unique skillset. Mandy’s profile most suited my needs as she worked in a girls’ school, had the runs on the board and I particularly liked the fact that she wasn’t from Melbourne, so would likely bring a different perspective. And, so began a wonderful relationship that continues today and has turned into a warm and supportive friendship.

Although in different States, we have caught up in person three times, over email too many times to number and on the phone when it is more helpful than email.

Another highlight was introducing Mandy to my Principal, Ms Linda Douglass, and having Linda say to me from time to time during our capital campaign – “Have you run this past Mandy?” Besides the professional development, there has been so much personal support to help me unpack my professional aspirations. Mandy helped me understand what a role with a philanthropy/fundraising focus would look like and helped me discover that this is the specific area within Development about which I am passionate.

What have I gained:

  • An experienced resource to bounce fundraising ideas
    off and get feedback
  • Helpful discussions about career pathways and focus
  • Ongoing checks to encourage and advise during the
    capital campaign
  • Discussion with my Principal which endorsed my role and our plans for fundraising

I have grown as a professional because of Mandy’s personal investment in me. I’ve also practically learnt so much about the processes in fundraising and philanthropy and the need to focus on the value we bring to our organisations. A strong case for support, creativity, connections and understanding what motivates our donors. Mandy reminds me of these things often.


Mandy Mcfarland, Director Of Advancement,
St Catherine’S College, Perth

Mentoring Tonya over the past four years has been one of the most rewarding personal and professional experiences for me and the roles of Mentor and Mentee have swapped back and forth as we have each embarked on new projects, new roles and tackled new challenges. In mentoring a dedicated and eager-to-learn fellow professional, I have learnt so much, challenged my own thinking and been reminded countless times of the power of collective thought, collaboration and problem solving.

As a fundraiser, I am delighted that Tonya has so willingly embraced philanthropy because I believe education needs more fundraisers who can confidently operate in this space. She inspires me, not only with her creative approach to fundraising but as a person, and should be mentoring others. So, if you’ve been thinking of reaching out – do it!