Looking to Advance in Advancement? Need an accreditation in Admissions, Fundraising, Marketing or Alumni?

With current border uncertainties, we have taken the decision to make this training available online for 2021. We intend to conduct the online training on the same dates, however, it will be spread out to ensure maximum engagement with the subject matter. Please find the timetable below.
*Please note you are expected to attend all of your sessions online at the allotted time. However, please get in contact to make alternative arrangements if you are unable to attend a session.

2021 Course Timetable

As this is now an online course the registration fee is reduced by $100. Financial assistance is available to members in the form of needs-based bursaries. Please contact the CEO directly for more information at neil@educateplus.edu.au


  • Admissions 

  • Alumni & Community relations/events

  • Fundraising

  • Marketing & Communications

We will be running our next Certified Advancement Practitioner Training Courses via online delivery. You can register your interest or ask any questions by emailing sona@educateplus.edu.au.


Learning Objectives

What’s included?

How does it work?


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Course Details & Costs

Dates May 6, 7, 10 & 11 2021    
Location online delivery    
Registration Find out more    
Course Title Member Non-Member Non-Member (include full membership)
Admissions (8 modules) $600 (inclusive of GST) $900 (inclusive of GST) $945 (inclusive of GST) Contact membership@educateplus.edu.au
Alumni and Community Relations (4 modules) $400 (inclusive of GST) $700 (inclusive of GST) $745 (inclusive of GST) Contact membership@educateplus.edu.au
Marketing and Communications (8 modules) $600 (inclusive of GST) $900 (inclusive of GST) $945 (inclusive of GST) Contact membership@educateplus.edu.au
Fundraising (8 modules) $600 (inclusive of GST) $900 (inclusive of GST) $945 (inclusive of GST) Contact membership@educateplus.edu.au



What are the learning objectives?
Admissions Alumni & Community Relations Marketing & Communications Fundraising
  • Admissions Drivers & Leading Practices in Managing Enrolment Processes – factors that influence, information sources, what drive school choice, challenges
  • Mystery Shopping – why do it? Typical process. Your results
  • Implementing and Managing an Admissions Plan – what should be included?
  • Action items for all components of the plan
  • How to increase enrolments, how does your office compare – process, resources, reporting, marketing, staff, international students
  • Admissions Data Collation and Reporting – data entry, segmentation, analysis and what do you do with that knowledge?
  • Admissions Marketing and Communications – websites, school tours, enrolment funnels, partnership
  • Legal Considerations in Admissions – key issues, expectations of parents and the position of the institution
  • Admissions Structures and resources – the department, staffing, strategy, workload, approach
  • Discuss the importance of engaging students and young alumni with programs to encourage greater future alumni engagement
  • Identify strategies and structures to ensure and encourage alumni engagement
  • Develop publications and communications with effective branding and content targeted to alumni
  • Identify the potential benefits and drawbacks of the different communication methods
  • Recognise the importance of accurate and up-to-date alumni database systems
  • Identify and develop an effective approach to planning and delivering alumni events (eg career services, clubs, chapters and affinity groups) including harnessing the support of alumni
  • Identify the best practice approach to fundraising from alumni
  • How to engage alumni through social media – best practice
  • How to engage Young alumni
  • Discuss the role of marketing in a school and what it means to be market driven
  • Discuss core marketing concepts as they relate to education
  • Explain the importance of developing a school-wide marketing program/plan
  • Identify and implement essential elements of a marketing plan in line with your school’s strategic plan
  • Recognise the importance of internal marketing and discuss strategies to align, educate and motivate staff
  • Develop a media management plan for your school (includes media policy, media monitoring, crisis management, handling interviews)
  • Discuss and implement effective social media marketing strategies (detailed FB guidelines and strategies).
  • Discuss brand management within an educational setting (eg style guides), the importance of brand ownership.
  • Learn how to cut-through thousands of competitors all vying for the same share of voice in an already small and crowded marketplace? Current Marketing strategies and the latest trends, remarketing.
  • Identify influencing personnel in fundraising
  • Discuss why people give and what influences them
  • List the range of giving options
  • Discuss various social media strategies your institution can employ for effective fundraising
  • Develop a transformational vision application for your institution that demonstrates how an initiative will impact the lives of those who participate in it
  • Identify the structure required for successful fundraising
  • Identify the performance indicators and reporting formats for fundraising
  • Outline the steps for a comprehensive self-audit of fundraising structures and resources
  • Examine key taxation legislation and regulations as they relate to educational institutions
  • Have an understanding of use of social media for increased engagement (joint session with Alumni)

What is included in the cost?
  • All training materials and learning resources
  • Access to our LMS – Educate Plus moodle
  • Full access and support from our course coordinator
  • 4 day partial (2 day partial Alumni) ONLINE training with Industry Professional presenters – 2 one hour sessions per day
  • Certification
how does it work?
  • Register online and we will do the rest – you can pay up front or opt to pay later.
  • You will instantly receive an automated receipt/ invoice with information on your booking.
  • You will receive a personal email from the course coordinator within 24 hours confirming your registration with more information on your course details, learning materials, course venue, accommodation and assignments.
  • You will have a personal profile and access to our LMS as soon as the course material is available and you can start on your pre-course work immediately.
  • All participants complete their coursework online prior to the online training.



The testimonials below are in relation to the recently run online courses in May 2020.

The course is intense and offers insight into both the strategic and operational functions of Advancement. At the end of every session I had a list of things I wanted to do immediately. The challenge will be actually making time to get these things underway!
Marina Johnson, Lauriston Girls’ School.

An essential learning tool for anyone working in the Admissions Dept. I found the course to be informative, detailed, in-depth and the presenters were all very professional, friendly, easy to understand and happy to answer any questions.
Sofie Mandoukos, Admissions, Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for the fantastic Practitioner course you have delivered this past week. I loved every minute of the presentations every day, and learned so much that my head is still spinning with information and ideas. It was a shame that we were not able to meet in person, but haven’t we all come so far when it comes to Zoom meetings and learning in the past 8 or 9 weeks!
Nicole Steyn, Haileybury

Thank you! I found the course extremely helpful!  The material is excellent and will be valuable. I thought the presentations worked well over zoom, but I did miss the opportunity to get to know others in our profession which is often such a valuable component. Under the circumstances I thought it went really well and I gained enormously. 
Lee Newcombe, Trinity Grammar School, Kew.

You will be emailed your personal login details for the myLearning platform to complete your pre-course online work. 

Photos of 2019 course participants, presenters and workshops below: