Institutional Membership is available for Australian Institutions: 

An Australian institution can take out a Membership of Educate Plus, for $990 (excl GST).
This is available for schools, colleges, university faculties and university colleges.

This provides the institution with 3 full memberships and an unlimited number of associate memberships. Click below to apply or renew your membership.

Signup for Institution Membership (Schools) today

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Full benefits may be gained for the additional Members by payment of $100 (excl GST) per person. This fee will allow the full range of member benefits and can only be taken up as an add-on to Institutional Membership.

Items not included in Associate membership:

  • Access to Scholarships
  • Access to Educate Plus Special Awards (Trevor Wigney etc)
  • Use of post nominal M.Edplus & F.Edplus – unless individual membership or add-on membership is taken out – or they already hold a Fellowship.
  • Membership years criteria as part of the Fellow nomination unless individual membership/add-on membership is taken out.
  • Voting Rights
  • Ability to serve on a Chapter Committees

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