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2024 Admissions Webinars & Recordings

Customer Retention: An Admissions Club Webinar  | 27 February 2024

Presenters: Timo Nieuwoudt, Bianca Coleborn and Samantha Hunt

This is an interactive session where our panel of experts discuss hot topics around family engagement.

Keeping your existing families happy is much easier (and cheaper!) than acquiring new ones. The team explore different retention concepts and frameworks, and how to measure your success.

2023 Admissions Webinars & Recordings

Mastering Impactful Admissions And Marketing Reports For Principals And Your Board Webinar  | 1 August 2023

Presenters: Susie Gill and Carmel Brewster

Join Enquiry Tracker Admissions and Marketing experts, Susie Gill and Carmel Brewster, as they share their insights and professional experience on defining, collecting and analysing data, structuring and presenting the right reports, visual communication and the right interpretation, key performance indicators and tailoring content for different stakeholders.

Let’s Go On An Enrolment Journey Webinar  | 13 June 2023

Presenter: Julie Drew

Find out where to invest your time, planning and strategy as Julie Drew breaks down the many steps that go into securing a single enrolment.

Excellence Series Webinar 3: Strathcona Girls Grammar | 6 April 2023

Presenters: Marion Cape Facilitator: Chanel Hughes

Attracting prospective families to our institutions remains such a core driver and Marion Cape from Strathcona Girls’  Grammar shares how authentic storytelling and bold design translated to an online Prospectus and helped the school herald their primary message of ‘To Become Unstoppable, a Girl must first be set into motion.’

2022 Admissions Webinars & Recordings

Data Protection in Schools Webinar | 15 November 2022

Presenters: Clayton Brown, John Batistich, Lyn Jarvis and William Zhang

Amazon, Potentiality and St Andrew’s Cathedral School talk about security on The Cloud, the different roles played by each party and how to best protect your community data from data breaches.

Leveraging International Relationships Webinar | 18 October 2022

Presenter: Michelle Allan

Drawing on Michelle’s knowledge, from over 30 years of working in international business/engagement and 20 years in international education, this session provides tips on how to position your school to increase the number of international enrolments.

Admissions SIG Keeping Your Pipeline Flowing | 6 September 2022

Presenters: Margo Bastow, Anne-Maree McCarthy, and Jiani Chen

Whether your waiting list is long or short, it’s essential to keep families engaged with your institution to acquire, retain and build loyalty. This discussion centres around how you can improve your engagement with future families, deepen your connection with them and ensure that your messaging is timely, targeted and engaging.

Making data-based decisions – using census results to leverage strategy Webinar | 18 August 2022

Presenter: Peter Buckingham

Does your school, college or university make fact-based strategic decisions from reliable data and information? Peter Buckingham, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Spectrum Analysis answers these questions and more in this informative webinar.

Admissions SIG Office Policies | 28 March 2022

Presenter: Ben Foley

Admissions Office Policies are extremely important documents in an efficient Admissions Office. They set out the Institution’s position and the manner in which it manages certain situations and they are frequently linked to an Enrolment Contract. 

2021/2020 Admissions Webinars & Recordings

Admissions SIG Admissions and The Law | 29 July 2021

Presenter: Ben Foley

Ben Foley facilitates an engaging workshop discussing three Admissions/Enrolment scenarios.

Admissions SIG Transgender Enrolment Law | 19 July 2021

Presenter: David Ford

David Ford – Partner in the Business, Personal and Communities & Associations groups at Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers who focuses on helping educational institutions and charities – speaks on Transgender Enrolments Law.

The Critical Steps For The Ideal Enrolment Journey Webinar | 22 April 2021

Presenters: Gregory Campitelli and Antony Campitelli

Exclusive for NZ schools, founders of Enquiry Tracker, Greg & Antony Campitelli will take you through the keys to make your Enrolment Journey go from good to great using the very latest in ‘smart’ online technology.

Admissions SIG – The Enrolment Interview: Strategies and Techniques | 09 March 2021

Presenters: Pauline ShuttleworthDavid Anderson and Yvette Graniero

Pauline Shuttleworth (Loreto Kirribilli), David Anderson (William Clarke College) and Yvette Graniero (Santa Sabina College) discuss the who, what and when of enrolment interviews.

Why Online Applications Are Critical For Every School Webinar | 24 February 2021

Presenters: Gregory Campitelli and Antony Campitelli

This webinar focuses on the challenges and the new norms in Admissions practices.

Admissions SIG The Future of Expos | 24 November 2020

Presenters: Jackie Garment and Mandy Treweeke

An online conversation on the future and relevance of school expos.

Embrace Innovative Thinking & Turn Future Families into Great Ambassadors Webinar | 07 August 2020

Presenters: Gregory Campitelli and Antony Campitelli

The pandemic has delivered the opportunity to embrace technology to help build relationships to turn future families into great ambassadors.

Whether it’s analysing, managing & even growing demand, understanding those vital touch-points in the pipeline is key.

Managing the Admissions process remotely – Digistorm Webinar | 10 June 2020

Presenters: Jamie Giblett and Geordie Mitchell

Admissions have changed – what have we learned?

Admissions Leading Practices in Current Times Webinar | 01 May 2020

Presenter: Janice Crampton

Janice Crampton, Executive Director and CEO of AISAP explains how our colleagues in the USA are handling the current pandemic crisis and discuss solutions and ideas with your peers.

Admissions Engagement Strategies Webinar | 30 April 2020

Presenter: Suzanne Hancock

Suzanne Hancock discusses the Admissions lifecycle and the opportunities for meaningful engagement with prospective families.

Admissions SIG How Are You Managing Admissions? | 28 March 2020

Presenter: Susie Gill

An interactive discussion to determine how you are managing Admissions during, and post, COVID-19.

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