About Us

If you are a professional who works in education then Educate Plus can help you do what you do better.

Educate Plus is the only Australasian professional organisation for the education sector. Through our many learning events, conferences and mentoring programs, you will discover who you are, what you do and what makes you valuable. Educate Plus is run largely by volunteers passionate about advancement in education.

We listen to our members, cater for their needs and build collaborative partnerships to promote outstanding learning opportunities and innovation for improvement.

As a member of Educate Plus, we will provide professional development opportunities for you to think outside the square, push yourself harder and keep abreast of best practice. If you wish to thrive in the business of education, Educate Plus offers affordable training that will keep you savvy in the changing marketplace.

Educate Plus also has the great advantage of an unrivalled network of noted practitioners who will help you meet the contemporary challenges of your job.

Educate Plus is a network of advancement professionals working in the following fields:

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