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The Residential College is a unique microcosm within tertiary Advancement, heavily dependent on the culture and success of our affiliate university, yet where autonomy and financial independence is of paramount importance. Unlike many university colleagues who work in large, dispersed teams, Residential College resources are limited and the teams are lean, often with solo operators. The delivery must, by necessity, be professional, agile and creative.

Educate Plus is committed to more fully supporting this special sector within our membership by creating a forum focusing specifically on the needs, challenges and opportunities of Residential College Advancement professionals. To properly gauge this, we have partnered with Global Philanthropic to undertake an inaugural benchmarking study on fundraising in Residential Colleges in Australia and New Zealand — the first of its kind in this region — which we envisage will lead to subsequent studies in other areas of activity, such as Admissions, Alumni Relations and Marketing.

Watch this video below as Mandy McFarland explains what this Educate Plus forum is about:

To this end, we have crafted a four-part webinar series specifically for Residential College colleagues titled, ‘In Conversation with ….’, which kicked off with Global Philanthropic Asia Pacific President and CEO Nick Jaffer and Mandy McFarland, Director of Advancement, St Catherine’s College, UWA who heard directly from our members on what tailored support Educate Plus can offer, and how best to craft our data collection to create a useful 2021 study that benefits the whole sector.

Session 1: Thursday 27 August 10:00am Benchmarking for success: What data do you need? 
Session 2: Wednesday 30 September 10:00am Donor Stewardship: the key to success
Session 3: Thursday 22 October 10:00am Communicating for Impact
Session 4: Thursday 19 November 10:00am Communicating for Impact Part 2
Session 5: Tuesday 13 July 12:00pm

Building an effective advancement program for a residential college: One college’s journey

We invite you to provide feedback – to suggest others that may be more immediately useful to you. All feedback is highly valued and will be used to shape a burgeoning program over the next 6-12 months. 

We look forward to hearing from you and conversing with you soon!

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