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12 March NSW/ACT Alumni & Community Relations SIG

Santa Sabina College’s Golden Thread Campaign was the winner of our 2019 Alumni and Community Relations Recognition in Advancement Award. Join fellow alumni and community relations professionals at Santa Sabina, as the team behind the award-winning shares their excellent and engaging 125th Anniversary strategy. This SIG comes in 5 parts: The Introduction-Meet the Team, What did we do?, How to get staff and community buy-in, The Results, Questions and Answers.





26 March VIC/TACS Online Fundraising SIG 

Click to download our Educate Plus online SIG, hosted by the VIC/TAS Chapter, on the impact of recent events on Engagement & Philanthropy in our institutions. Don’t miss out on this open opportunity to hear how the impacts on different Institutions from recent and current events, and how other members are dealing with the consequences. A unique opportunity to learn from others in your profession.





26 March VIC/TACS Online Alumni SIG 

Click to download our Educate Plus online SIG, hosted by the VIC/TAS Chapter. As the World Health Organisation has now declared the outbreak of Coronavirus as a public health emergency of international concern, how does this affect your Alumni programs and impact your Alumni engagement? Are you able to stay ahead? Listen to our members talk about their experiences and how they are finding solutions.