Please find below links to all our recorded SIGs. These can be accessed by clicking on the green buttons. 

NZ Sexual Abuse SIG

Royal Commission of Inquiry into Historical Abuse in State Care and in the Case of Faith-based Institutions

Jeremy Johnson, Barrister at Bankside Chambers NZ will speak about the Royal Commission of Inquiry in Abuse in Care. Jeremy will outline the main aspects of the Inquiry and the impact and responsibilities that an institution or organisation will have if they or members of their community are identified through the inquiry.

Jeremy Johnson, 1 October 2020


NSW/ACT Alumni & Community Relations SIG

Just getting started? Hear from three of our members based in NSW who kicked-started their Alumni engagement strategies after years of lying dormant! This SIG will consist of a panel discussion and open forum for participants. Join in to share your own alumni successes and challenges.

Myfanwy Stanfield, Lyn Jarvis, Jo Hutchens, Philippa Zingales, 10 September 2020


Let’s talk marketing strategy in a post COVID world

For members only, this is an opportunity to share, learn and exchange ideas around what new strategies you have put into place during COVID-19, what has worked and what needs tweaking. Have you implemented new concepts or initiatives across social media, tours or Open Days and what will your marketing strategy look like moving forward?

New Word Order, 30 July 2020


Best practice in fundraising outreach and communications during Covid-19 

As we deal with Covid-19 and its impact, it is now more important than ever that your fundraising outreach and communications are done correctly, sensitively, and with an eye to the future. As we emerge from the shut down and deal with a rapidly changing landscape, this webinar provides you with the opportunity to check in with experienced practitioners on what is considered best practice during these turbulent times.

Ann Badger, 11 June 2020


Online Admissions SIG

How are you managing?
What are you learning?
What will you be taking forward post COVID and what will you be leaving behind post COVID-19?
What new projects are you implementing?
How will you label these COVID-19 times in history? (Enrolment reports, analytics etc)
How do we leave behind this information for those that come after us?

Susie Gill, 28 May 2020


Online Alumni SIG

An interactive discussion to look back and determine how you managed your alumni program during COVID-19.  What did you do differently? What worked? What failed? How has this period changed the way you will go about engaging your alumni in the future.

Russell Davidson, 28 May 2020


NZ Coffee & Conversation

While we have been in lockdown many of you will have been thinking about the impact of Covid-19 on your institution and on the work that you do in advancement. This session will be hosted by Christchurch-based members. 

Chris Klassen, 21 May 2020


Engaging with Alumni and Donors in a crisis

We held a “virtual” coffee morning and heard from Dave Marsh, Dunedin based consultant with AskRight. Charities, schools and universities have all had to rethink existing strategies and pivot towards the fundraising and engagement opportunities that are available to them. Small steps that will have a big impact.

Dave Marsh, 7 May 2020


QLD Fundraising Annual Giving Show and Tell

In this session, participants will explore the admissions life cycle and the opportunities for meaningful engagement with prospective families.

Lara Pickering, 30 April 2020


VIC/TAS Online Alumni SIG 

As the World Health Organisation has now declared the outbreak of Coronavirus as a public health emergency of international concern, how does this affect your Alumni programs and impact your Alumni engagement.

Russell Davidson, 26 March 2020


VIC/TAS Online Fundraising SIG 

Hear how the impacts on different Institutions from recent and current events, and how other members are dealing with the consequences. 

Russell Davidson, 26 March 2020


NSW/ACT Alumni & Community Relations SIG

Join fellow alumni and community relations professionals at Santa Sabina, as the team behind the award-winning shares their excellent and engaging 125th Anniversary strategy.

Yvette Graniero, 12 March 2020