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Hear what you’ll get out of the TRAINING PROGRAM from one of our expert presenters: Margo Bastow

Hear what you’ll get out of the TRAINING PROGRAM from one of our expert presenters: Margo Bastow

Check out this interview with Margo Bastow, FFIA M.Edplus Director of Community Relations, Santa Maria College who will be one of your presenters in Sydney, 10-11 May…


Q: Which courses are you presenting/training?

I will be presenting the Digital Sphere, Branding and jointly the Admission Marketing sessions.

Q: How many years experience do you have in these field/s?

I have nearly 30 years experience in marketing and over 17 years in marketing schools

Q: What do you like most about EP Training Program?

The opportunity to do some hands-on learning as so often people go to courses and come back very excited however when they get back to work they do not have the time to implement.  So what happens is the learnings get shelved.

Q: Who should attend the training program?

Anyone who is involved in building and implementing a marketing and communication plan.

Q: Top 5 key take-homes for your trainees?

  1. 1. Facebook Advertising and how to retarget visitors from your website in the Facebook Ads module
  2. How to read and understand Google Analytics
  3. Why content marketing is a no-brainer, and all schools should be doing it
  4. How to develop a content marketing plan
  5. How to create great content

Q. Any advice on how students can best leverage their learning’s from the EP Training Program?

Marketing practitioners will already be using many of these tools however what this training will provide is an extension of your existing skills.   They will have the chance to work collaboratively with like-minded people and hear how others have navigated similar situations. The group is small and provides a platform for many discussions. The connections made during the two days are amazing and tend to continue beyond the classroom. 

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