Krista Slade

4 September 2020

Krista’s experience includes the position of executive director of CASE Asia-Pacific in May 2007. In this position, Krista was

Taylor Stockdale

4 September 2020

Taylor Stockdale has developed a broad range of experiences and skills in independent schools over the past 25-plus years.

Simon Jones

4 September 2020

Simon Jones is the Director of Development at The Manchester Grammar School. He was educated at MGS, Exeter and

Brenda Tournier

4 September 2020

The future relies on human connection: our ability to recognise what needs to be done and then come together

Andrew Gossen

4 September 2020

Andrew joined Cornell in 2010 from Princeton, where he spent eight years in alumni affairs in a number of

Suzie Hancock

1 May 2020

Suzie has broad experience with over thirty years in training and education management across multiple sectors. Initially delivering vocational and

Geoff Anderson

12 April 2020

For over 25 years Geoff Anderson from Sonic Sight, has been producing high quality corporate videos for schools and

Penny Bowman

31 March 2020

Penny is an experienced Development Manager, specialising in the initial establishment and implementation of Alumni Relations and Development strategies. Penny

Bethwyn Kitson

31 March 2020

Marketing Team Leader at Burnie Brae (Grad Cert Marketing) is experienced in marketing with a demonstrated history of working in

Mara Roberts

23 March 2020

A marketing professional with several years commercial experience concentrating primarily on marketing strategy, team leadership, press, market research, brand

John Phillips

23 March 2020

John Phillips is Director of Advancement at Brighton Grammar School with particular expertise in the area of business development