Gabrielle Dolan

17 August 2021

Gabrielle Dolan is a highly sought-after international keynote speaker and educator on real communication and business storytelling. Her clients include

Steuart Snooks

17 August 2021

Steuart Snooks is a Melbourne-based Email and Workplace Productivity Expert. He works with business owners, senior executives, their EAs and

Susie Gill

5 February 2021

Susie Gill is a qualified teacher, and the Admissions Registrar at Christ Church Grammar School, in Claremont Western Australia. Christ

Rita Kilroy

5 February 2021

Sales, Brand & Marketing Manager with 15 years+ experience in Marketing spanning Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji markets. Previous

Krista Slade

4 September 2020

Krista’s experience includes the position of executive director of CASE Asia-Pacific in May 2007. In this position, Krista was

Taylor Stockdale

4 September 2020

Taylor Stockdale has developed a broad range of experiences and skills in independent schools over the past 25-plus years.

Simon Jones

4 September 2020

Simon Jones is the Director of Development at The Manchester Grammar School. He was educated at MGS, Exeter and

Brenda Tournier

4 September 2020

The future relies on human connection: our ability to recognise what needs to be done and then come together

Andrew Gossen

4 September 2020

Andrew joined Cornell in 2010 from Princeton, where he spent eight years in alumni affairs in a number of

Suzie Hancock

1 May 2020

Suzie has broad experience with over thirty years in training and education management across multiple sectors. Initially delivering vocational and