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Make 2024 YOUR Year of Success

Make 2024 YOUR Year of Success

CEO BLOG | Written by Mandy McFarland | CEO, Educate Plus | 19 January 2024

It’s that energising time of the year when we get to reflect on our career journey and dream up some exciting professional goals for the new year!

First things first, your professional development (PD) is a personal initiative, even if you’re part of an organisation that champions continuous learning. Your goals should propel your career forward AND align with your organisation’s needs. Consider professional development that maximises your current responsibilities and skills. Then, take a step back and look at the bigger picture – what do you need to elevate your entire career trajectory in the longer term? It’s all about finding that sweet spot but here are a few tips:

  • Your goals should be reasonable and, most importantly, achievable. Dream big but also be practical – pursuing an MBA in a year when you are launching a new Capital Campaign might be a tad tricky
  • Bring your manager into the picture. Chat with them about your plans, discuss time commitments and make sure your goals are in harmony with the department’s strategies. We work as part of teams so we need to consider how our career development is prioritised with those of our colleagues
  • Break down your goals into bite-sized chunks with action steps for each goal and estimated completion dates (You might need the odd buffer for a few life surprises!)
  • Keep yourself on track and hit the reset button, if needed. Keep checking in with your manager so you can align your goals with any shifts in your organisation’s strategy (There may also be some staff movements which could open new doors for you!)
  • Embrace the networks you belong to who offer specific and invaluable PD. Educate Plus has a jam-packed schedule on offer in 2024 both at a National and Chapter level, so please check out the emails or visit the website regularly to know what’s coming up (Find a few immediate opportunities below)
  • Lastly, there is so much joy in accomplishment, so celebrate at every milestone!

Here’s to an amazing year of growth, achievement and enrichment. May 2024 be a truly sensational year, for all of us and I look forward to meeting you in person at an Educate Plus event this year!

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