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Jeff Buchanan tells all – 2018 Educate Plus Training Program

Jeff Buchanan tells all – 2018 Educate Plus Training Program

Want to know the key take-homes of our training programs? Then, check out what Jeff Buchanan has to say.

Jeff Buchanan M.Edplus, Senior Consultant, AskRIGHT  will be one of your presenters in Sydney, 10-11 May…..


Q: What do you like most about EP Training Program?

The attendees are always the best part because they have all kinds of interesting stories and situations – full of surprises!

Q: Who should attend the training program?

Anyone within a school or tertiary Advancement team should attend because no matter what level you are at you will get some great value out of it. Lots of value for new people and lots of ‘reminders’ for more experienced operators.

Q. Any advice on how students can best leverage their learning’s from the EP Training Program?

You have to go away from a training program and have a red hot go at implementing one or two key things – and even if you might not be able to implement new/changed approaches in a big way then work out what the ‘test-sized’ version might be and have a go at that.

Q: Which courses are you presenting/training?

I am presenting in the best course(!) … the fundraising section of the Advanced Practitioners Course. No ball tampering on that course ?

Q: How many years experience do you have in your field?

It’s a bit scary but I am coming up on 20 years’ experience in schools now and might be the only person to have seen fundraisers, fundraising programs and fundraising practice in over 100 schools across Australia and New Zealand. 

Q: Top 5 key take-homes for your trainees?

  1. An audit framework that you can use
  2. Examples that you can implement
  3. Answers to your trickiest questions
  4. A renewed sense of confidence from practical ways to tackle your biggest problems
  5. A very cool and practical textbook to use

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