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The International Diagnostic and Admissions Test (IDAT) is revolutionising schools admissions and diagnostics for beginning students.  As the world becomes more international and students are global citizens, it is less and less likely that a student will complete all of his/her schooling in one learning environment.  With students and families searching for the best learning opportunities for their students as they move about as global citizens, it becomes increasingly difficult for schools to select students which fit within their schools and for schools to know what students already know, who they are and how to best meet their learning needs.  The educators and students of the world need the IDAT.

The IDAT has 6 Stages based upon age.  For schools looking at accessing more than language for admissions, this is the test to use.  The IDAT tests English and ESL, Mathematics, Logic, and a general knowledge component for which students can study and prepare for.  In addition to this, there is a character portrait of the student, showing their priorities when it comes to principles, values and self-determination and independence.  Not only can a potential or new school get a benchmark of where the student is at compared to global curricula, but they can also get to know the student by watching the video interview conducted with state-of-the-art avatar technology.  Each student is interviewed and recorded talking to a digital avatar that ‘gets to know’ the student.