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  1. This Privacy Policy applies to the internal operations of Educate Plus Pty Ltd
  2. This Privacy Policy gives important privacy rights to individuals but also recognises the rights of Educate Plus to achieve its objectives in an efficient way. All Educate Plus staff is required to uphold this ideal and to work with all persons, in a balanced manner, to ensure that the privacy rights of individuals are protected while enabling business to continue to operate efficiently.
  3. Educate Plus strives to uphold these privacy values:
    Accessibility: Information made readily available to members by promoting knowledge of the Privacy Policy’s existence.
    Fairness: Decisions that are fair and seen to be fair by observing the principle of procedural fairness, by making decisions on the information before it and by specific criteria upon which decisions are based.
    Accountability: Accountability for the Privacy Policy’s operations by publishing the policy, information about the Privacy Policy and information about complaints handling.
    Efficiency: Efficient operations by keeping track of complaints, ensuring complaints are dealt with appropriately and through regular review of its performance.
    Effectiveness: Having appropriate and comprehensive guidelines and periodic independent review of its performance.
  4. Educate Plus has adopted the Australian Privacy Principles as contained in the Privacy Act (Cth) 1998 (Privacy Act) as amended from time to time. Educate Plus regards its obligations under the Privacy Act as extremely important and its actions are directed by complying with the Privacy Act.
  5. This Privacy Policy details the nature of the information collected by Educate Plus, why it is collected and how it is used.
  6. Educate Plus’ mission is to serve their organisations and communities through integrity and professionalism. For this reason, Educate Plus holds personal information of individuals.


  1. Need for Identification
  2. Personal information generally collected by Educate Plus comprises the following information relevant to Educate Plus membership, suppliers, sponsorship agreements and industrial relations and legislative compliance purposes:
    1. name of person;
    2. name of organisation (if applicable);
    3. name of business (if applicable);
    4. address for organisation or business;
    5. phone number for organisation or business;
    6. fax number for organisation or business;
    7. home address of person;
    8. home phone number of person;
    9. business and/ or personal email address of person; and/or
    10. amount spent on products purchased from Educate Plus and Educate Plus suppliers. Educate Plus products include (without limitation) professional development events, training programs, membership services and information services
  3. If a person does not provide the information to Educate Plus when requesting a product or service from Educate Plus, we will not give them access to that service or product by Educate Plus
  4. The information referred to in paragraph 7 is obtained from:
    1. the public domain; or
    2. such persons who volunteer to receive communications from Educate Plus.
  5. When it is reasonable and practical to do so, Educate Plus will collect personal information about a person only from that person.
  6. If it is necessary for Educate Plus to obtain information about a person from another person, Educate Plus will take reasonable steps to ensure that the person about whom information is being obtained is made aware of the information being obtained
  7. Cookies are used to provide Educate Plus with information on the number of visitors and traffic patterns on Educate Plus’ website. This data is anonymous and does not allow Educate Plus to identify users. Most web browsers are set to accept cookies. If a person does not wish to receive any cookies, the person may set their browser to refuse them. In some instances this may mean that the person will not be able to take full advantage of Educate Plus web services.
    Educate Plus’ purpose for collecting the personal information
  8. Educate Plus needs to collect certain personal information to fulfil its mission of servicing Educate Plus members by them offering products and services. Educate Plus will not use an individual’s personal information for a purpose which is not:
    1. related to its offering of products and services or
    2. for a purpose for which the person could reasonably expect Educate Plus to use the information
  9. Educate Plus will not use personal information that was provided for a particular purpose for other purposes unless:
    1. the person has consented to the use of the information for that other purpose; or
    2. the purpose for which the information is used is directly related to the purpose for which the personal information was obtained
  10. Educate Plus collects information provided by Educate Plus suppliers for the purposes of auditing and checking that discounts and rebates being granted by Educate Plus suppliers to persons are correct, that spending is on target and for general marketing purposes
  11. A person can opt-out of one or all of Educate Plus’ services at any time by contacting Educate Plus by email, phone or fax. Each fax, email and mail-out undertaken by Educate Plus gives all persons the option of not receiving further communication of the same nature. If a person wishes to access and/or alter their records with Educate Plus, they may do so.


  1. Educate Plus uses personal information it collects to enable Educate Plus to make regular contact with persons to inform them of current, new or revised product offerings and pricing
  2. Educate Plus only allows access to and use of personal information upon obtaining permission from the necessary entity, which can differ from case to case. The personal information is only disclosed for the purpose of Educate Plus fulfilling its mission. With mail houses, disclosure is granted on a once only basis and for specific communications. Educate Plus may disclose information from its database to Educate Plus suppliers for the purpose of checking that all persons are obtaining and can access the correct discounts.
  3. Educate Plus will not sell or disclose any individual’s personal information to any person or entity outside of Educate Plus for marketing purposes
  4. Educate Plus will not release personal information to third parties unless:
    1. The person has consented to the disclosure of the information
    2. Educate Plus is require by statute or law to disclose, reproduce, use or disseminate the personal
      information or
    3. The personal information is in the public domain, provided that Educate Plus has not breached the NPPs or its Privacy Policy or as a result of disclosure by any person receiving the personal information from Educate Plus.
  5. If Educate Plus makes a disclosure of personal information (b), Educate Plus will make a
    written note in the person’s record
  6. Educate Plus members can access contact details for other members on-line, only if that member has given permission for Educate Plus to disclose their details in the online directory of members. These details are accessed through secure member login and members do not have editorial rights to contact details of other members. As stated members can opt-out of one or all of Educate Plus’ services at any time.
  7. If personal information is sent overseas it will be subject to the same systems of access and storage as apply in Australia

Personal Information – Quality

  1. This Privacy Policy aims to ensure the information held by Educate Plus is accurate, complete ad up-to-date. Educate Plus undertakes systematic steps to ensure that date and information held is accurate, complete and up-to-date. However, if any of the information provided has changed or is considered incorrect; the person concerned should contact Educate Plus to have the information corrected.
  2. Educate Plus members have access to their own contact details through a secure member’s login and may update these details at any time.
    Personal information – Security
  3. Educate Plus holds all personal information in secure databases, soft-copy lists, and in web hosted environments that are fire-walled. Educate Plus creates hard copies from time to time for the purpose of sales and marketing.
  4. The purpose of such security is to protect all personal information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification and/or disclosure

Access to personal information

  1. A person may have access to any of the personal information that Educate Plus holds about them. Educate Plus will not charge a person for obtaining the information in an electronic format. If a hard copy of information held is requested Educate Plus may charge the person a reasonable fee to cover expenses occurred.
  2. Educate Plus will accept verbal requests for information only from the person who the information concerns. The person making a verbal request must tell Educate Plus:
    1. the name of the person making the request;
    2. the person’s membership number; and
    3. the organisation of the person making the request.

If the membership number cannot be provided, Educate Plus will require the following information:

    1. the name of the person making the request;
    2. the organisation of the person making the request;
    3. contact address for the person making the request; and
    4. contact phone for the person making the request.
  1. Educate Plus will deal with written requests for information both from the person who the information concerns or another person, provided that the person making the request provides the information in this paragraph.
  2. The person who the information concerns when making a written request must tell Educate Plus ;
    1. the name of the person making the request;
    2. the person’s membership number; and
    3. the organisation of the person making the request.

If the membership number cannot be provided, Educate Plus will require the following information:

      1. the name of the person making the request;
      2. the organisation of the person making the request;
      3. contact address for the person making the request; and
      4. contact phone for the person making the request.

If the person making the request is not the person whose information is to be accessed, the person making the request must also provide all of the following:

      1. The name of the person whose information is to be accessed;
      2. The organisation of the person whose information is to be accessed;
      3. Contact address for the person whose information is to be accessed; and
      4. Contact phone for the person whose information is to be accessed.
      5. Valid reason for making the request. Educate Plus is the sole decision maker as to whether the reason is valid.
  1. Educate Plus will process verbal and written requests within 7 days of receiving them.
  2. If Educate Plus declines a verbal or written request, a reason will be provided. If the person is not satisfied with the reason, Educate Plus will refer the person to Educate Plus’ Complaints Process


Educate Plus will retain personal information for an appropriate period as determined by Educate Plus and/or as required by law and when no longer needed, it will be destroyed by a secure means.


Educate Plus may make changes to its Privacy Policy at any time. Any such changes will be published through Educate Plus’ regular channels of communication.


  1. Any questions or concerns relating to this Privacy Policy should be directed to Educate Plus. Concerns and/or questions regarding Educate Plus’ Privacy Policy will be handled according to Educate Plus’ Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct
  2. Serious complaints will be referred to the CEO of Educate Plus for an internal investigation in accordance with Educate Plus’ Complaints Process. If there has been a breach of this Privacy Policy, Educate Plus will take remedial action including educational and/or disciplinary action.
  3. The complainant will be informed of the outcome of Educate Plus’ investigation within 28 days of Educate Plus receiving the complaint.
  4. If the complainant does not feel that the matter or concern has been addressed appropriately by Educate Plus, a formal complaint may be lodged with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner. More information about the Office of the Privacy Commissioner can be obtained from


Any questions or concerns relation to Educate Plus’ Privacy Policy should be addressed to:
Educate Plus’ Privacy Policy
2 Tanderra Street Wahroonga NSW 2076

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