Educate Plus Webinars

Communication Overload!

Do you need to communicate but also need to consider the amount of information in parents inbox! Parents are overloaded with information from so many sources across a school and if you have ever had parents miss an email or take too long to respond to what you think is the most important correspondence in the world, you need to watch Daniel Crago’s workshop!

Daniel Crago,  24 June 2020


Fundraising: Impactful strategic planning for your fundraising and specific campaign goals

In such challenging times as we are experiencing at the moment, it is important to make sure you have a plan to follow as circumstances begin to return to some degree of normality. Alan Watkinson and Penny Bowman will take you through the stages of developing your own strategic plan if you do not have one already; and they will also examine how to review your current plan and adapt it to changing situations.

Alan Watkinson & Penny Bowman 18 June 2020


Donor and Prospect Research in NZ – What? Why? How?

Join us for a NZ Chapter Virtual PD Session with a leading prospect research professional, Nicki Sayers, for an informative session that offers something for all fundraising and alumni relations practitioners in New Zealand. This session will be hosted by Educate Plus NZ President, Naomi Wilde and will include valuable Q & A insights.

Nicki Sayers, 12 June 2020


Managing the admissions process remotely

Admissions have changed – what have we learned?

– Current challenges for admissions teams
– How to create an engaging online admissions process
– How digital communication tools support your admissions process

Jamie Giblett, Geordie Mitchell, 10 June 2020


How to use video to maximise engagement

Videos are the most powerful way to engage your community online. However if they aren’t seen by the right audience at the right time, you are not getting your return on investment. Learn how to grab the attention of your audience with video, key essentials about sharing your videos and how to measure the result of engagement. 

Geoff Anderson, 4 June 2020


Leading others through change

Change is never easy for a team or organisation. The last few months has put enormous pressure on teams to think differently about the way they work and lead change across the organisation. This webinar will discuss whats important when leading change and how to minimise the stress and impact.

Craig Tegel, 29 May 2020


SEO For not-for- profit- Organisations

Learn about: The 3 Key elements of a successful online presence
What major roadblocks look like and how to identify them
How to use best practice techniques and tactics
Why maintaining your organisation’s website is so important!
Action items your organisation can implement the minute you finish this session

Doreen Brown, 25 May 2020


Managing yourself through change

Its a crazy world at the moment. The last few months has seen everyone thinking differently about how they work and lead in their organisation. How do you manage yourself through change? How do you bring out the best in yourself and others? This webinar will look at how we manage ourselves through change, leveraging our EQ and managing the impact of our, and others emotions. 

Craig Tegel, 22 May 2020


FB Advertising Workshop Pt 1 & 2

Join us for a workshop on Facebook Advertising. One of the great benefits of Facebook ads is its ability to reach your audience through targeting. Are you using it to its full potential? Do you know how to create custom audiences using the Facebook Pixel on your website? Come learn all this and more from a leading industry expert who understands and has worked in the Education sector.

Mara Roberts, 20 May 2020


Tax – DGR Guidelines

Discussion around the use of existing or new DGR endorsed scholarship funds to provide fee relief to existing/ enroled student. Charidy, hosted discussion to provide a summary of the current DGR guidelines relating to Building Funds, Library Funds, Scholarships & Bursary Funds, and Public Ancillary Funds. 

Charidy, 15 May 2020


Videos in Isolation

In this webinar Geoff Anderson, from Sonic Sight, will unpack some of the videos he has been producing with schools over the last couple of months. He will look at different videos you should consider for your school in lieu of school tours, open days and major events.

Geoff Anderson, 4 May 2020


Admissions Leading practice in current times

Educate Plus has invited the CEO of AISAP (Association for Independent School Admissions Professionals) in the US to present a webinar on leading admissions practices in the current environment.

Janice Crampton, 1 May 2020


Admissions Engagement Strategies

In this session, participants will explore the admissions life cycle and the opportunities for meaningful engagement with prospective families.

Suzie Hancock, 30 April 2020


DIY Videos Webinar

Learn easy tips to create professional looking videos in-house.

Geoff Anderson, 22 April 2020


How to find school, college and university students, staff and alumni on LinkedIn and Online

Learn 10 different ways to track down your ex-students/alumni/alumnae/old girls/old boys/old scholars using a variety of techniques.

Sue Ellson, 20 April 2020


How to continue marketing growth through the COVID crisis

Learn about marketing in a crisis from an expert in the field of schools marketing who will provide practical solutions to help improve your outcomes and get you through this current stage of instability.

Mara Roberts, 8 April 2020


Fundraising essentials in a COVID-19 world

In this webinar you can learn some tips to aid you in your attempts to manage your fundraising efforts amid the worldwide COVID-19 crisis from a fundraising expert.

Jeff Buchanan, 6 April 2020


Admissions & Marketing – Turning future families into raving fans…

How do you tailor your data, how to you capture the interests of your potential customers and tailor all communications to that audience?

Enquiry Tracker, 13 March 2020