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Hi Jane,

From a male school, we aim all our Old Boy functions to break even. We don’t try and make a profit however we don’t want to lose money for our Old Boys’ Association either otherwise they won’t be able to work on other important projects.

Our Vintage Collegians (over 60 years) & Young Old Boys (2016-2009) functions are based at a $50.00 ticket price however we do offer a variety of functions throughout the year that range from free to $150.00.

Our decade reunions are about $70-85 per head. BBC nor the Old Collegians’ Association subsidize the costs for events anymore. From our perspective we didn’t want to devalue the function or the brand by making it all about the money. We just try to ensure that the price of the ticket is applicable to the function offering and it caters to the audience’s needs and wants. For example our 25, 45 etc reunions we often do a cash bar which enables the ticket price to be cheaper because it’s not a decade celebration milestone.

Hope this helps. Happy to answer any further questions.


Kelly Edwards
Brisbane Boys’ College
Development and Events Coordinator.

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