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Bobbi Aralica
Forum Participant

Hi Justine,

I don’t have a contact, nor am I an expert in SM but I hope the following suggestion helps.

Have you thought of searching your own extensive Alumni Network?(alumni-connect)
This could be the ideal opportunity to re-engage one (or more) of your alumni in the project. I’m certain you’d find people already working in the field or who are freelancers/business owners in Digital Marketing.
You may find a uni graduate or somebody who holds a Masters in Social Media would be ideal. They’d be close to the cause and hopefully bring enthusiasm to the project. (you may need to sell them on the Value Proposition)
Yes, you can get a masters in Social Media and they don’t need to come from the Education Industry because SM covers every business discipline.

You could also post a call out via your alumni LinkedIn group. Naturally, it’d help if you have a robust network, but you have to start somewhere. If you find somebody suitable who’s willing to help, then you can leverage this by creating a post and sharing the story. Hopefully, by doing this you’ll engage even more alumni to your networks.

Social Media platforms are about sharing, engaging and creating a community, so why not start with your own.

Your parent database could also prove to be a useful source.

Good luck and happy to talk further.

Bobbi Aralica
Founder of LISMN
Business Community Networking

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