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Sharon Vincent
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Hi Everyone

We occasionally offer probationary enrolment, depending on the student circumstances. The below used in our letter of offer and followed up at the end of term.

As was discussed during this meeting; at XX College we expect our students to conform to a very high standard in conduct and effort. XXX reports reflect XXX is below the standard we expect from students at XXX College.

As a result of this I would like to offer you a place for XXX in Year X for 2023 on a probationary basis, to be reviewed at the end of Term 1 and again at the end of Semester 1. Should XXX’s behaviour, conduct and effort, and academic result not maintain a satisfactory standard, enrolment may be withdrawn. If you would like to accept our offer of enrolment with this condition, please sign below and return this letter with the contract and other enrolment documentation listed below.

Our Director of Pastoral Care Mrs XXX and XXX’s classroom teacher will monitor her progress throughout 2023. Please feel welcome to contact Mrs XXX at (email) or XXX’s classroom teacher during the year if there is anything you would like to discuss.

Have a great afternoon.

We thank our Strategic Partners