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Bernie Tanner
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Morning All,

Depending upon what information comes to light during an enrolment enquiry and / or enrolment interview, we will consider implementing a Conditional Enrolment Agreement (CEA), an Attendance Improvement Plan (AIP), or a Wellbeing in Place Plan (WIPP).

The CEA contains an introduction of why the agreement has been written in conjunction with their enrolment offer, patterns of expected behaviour and a review date to determine whether their immediate needs are being met and whether the College has the ability to continue to meet those needs going forward. This agreement in signed by the Student, their Parent / Guardian and the Executive undertaking the interview.

We too have a separate Parental Code of Conduct and Student Code of Conduct which is acknowledged and agreed upon when the Letter of Offer is signed by the enrolling parent.

The AISNSW is instrumental in providing support for us as we compose these sorts of policies and procedures. I hope this little insight is of value to you.

Have a wonderful day!

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