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Georgina Gain
Forum Participant

Hi Amanda

I write this review in my personal capacity, having been system administrator on both of the systems you mention.

Potentiality are an integrated online platform which runs as an online community. It’s specifically set up for advancement, and mainly for educational institutions. Because it’s a specialised all-in-one software program you won’t need plug-ins or integration with WordPress for example. The beauty of this is it’s simplicity. If what they offer will fulfill your requirements then you will find it’s child play to set up and use. They can allocate different levels of access for different users too so you can have some volunteers or staff with higher access levels than your general ‘membership’ base.

Potentiality also have an intimate knowledge of our industry, this means that they slip silently being the scenes implementing upgrades and sorting out issues often without even the system administrator being aware of it until long after the fact.

Their support is great too. No tickets to lodge or calls to the USA for example. My experience was that nothing was ever too much trouble and any issues were dealt with immediately with a quick phone call.

They are able to customise their platform for each institution – within their framework of course.

Many, many of our Educate Plus members use Potentiality and I hope you get some other feedback here….

Kind regards
Georgina Gain
Operations Manager
Educate Plus

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