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Caroline Jenkins
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Ours is currently under review, but here is a draft version. We are a PK-12 independent girls’ school in Perth.

All staff are required to maintain a high standard of attire, which is appropriate and professional at all times.
Staff members must ensure that clothing is not to be revealing (eg strappy tops are not deemed appropriate nor are tops that reveal midriff-even when arms are raised, jeans are not considered appropriate).
Non-College polo style shirts are not acceptable (unless on Friday wearing the specified ‘Staff Shirt’) nor are shirts that display prominent branding. Shorts that are smart and tailored may be worn on the provisor that they are not too ‘short’. The specified occasions where staff are required to wear formal business attire, for example:
• Parent Teacher Interviews
• Assemblies
• Special occasions
All shoes must be either enclosed or secured at the back and worn at all times. Sports shoes are not deemed appropriate footwear; however, dress sneakers are acceptable if they are in good repair.
Sports attire and active wear is not deemed appropriate for teaching or administrative staff other than those teaching in the Physical Education Department.
The HPE Department has a dress code that is available from the Head of Department. Please note leggings worn for these activities must be covered to at least mid-thigh length. HPE staff who also have roles outside of HPE must change back to normal day wear at the conclusion of the physical activity where possible, if undertaking a non-HPE session as identified above.
On days when inter-house swimming and athletics or Inter School events occur, it is acceptable to wear College branded PE uniforms/polo shirt, otherwise normal dress standards apply.
All staff are asked to maintain high standards of dress and personal grooming commensurate with the College’s expectation of professional attire.
All staff must wear hats, appropriate protective clothing, and apply sunscreen when and where they are likely to spend time outdoors.
Tattoos and facial piercings should not be visible at any time.

If in doubt as to what constitutes appropriate clothing, please consult with People Services.

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