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Margo Bastow
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Hi Gail,

Here a is snapshot of what we do to engage parents at our school:

Parent Sundowner & Connect Cafe: Casual meetups for parents to get to know each other.
Creative Workshops: Activities like pottery, painting, and cooking for parents and their kids.
Year Group Events: Organised by Parent Reps, these include coffee meetups, BBQs, and pizza nights.
Social Mixers: We host drinks and canapés events, especially when there is a school social, and include parents from our brother school.
Introvert-Friendly Options: Not every parent is up for social events. we have had success with webinars, like the Parent Kindness Challenge, which first started during COVID-19 and has been great for our boarding parents too.
Community Projects: A notable event was when over 80 parents and grandparents helped sew superhero capes for a children’s hospital charity, creating over 300 capes.
Mercy Day Fundraiser: Parents help prepare and sell 2,000 roses in either bunches of yellow roses, which is a big hit.

These activities offer various ways for parents to engage, depending on what they are comfortable with. It’s all about providing options and finding what resonates with different members of our community.

We thank our Strategic Partners