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Stephen Wruck
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We have a different approach that is not entirely watertight, but so far is working. It is based on our experience of parents telling us that they don’t want any photos taken of their child, when what they really mean is something very specific – like no social media, or nothing on the internet etc. In our context ‘no photos’ has usually led to parent disappointment when they realise there are literally no photos of their child’s school life.

When we offer a place for a child:
1. We outline the times when we would expect a photo to be taken and used internally to ensure the efficient running of the school. eg: ID photos, curriculum activities (eg PE, media classes etc), for use in assemblies, award ceremonies etc.
2. We say that photos intended to be used for external marketing purposes like the school website, or marketing publications will normally be taken on a dedicated photo shoot, and we will ask parents at the time for specific permission to take photos for this purpose. (and then for courtesy, we tell them when and where they are being used, and typically they get excited by this.)
3. We talk about how we like to celebrate student successes and one avenue to do this might be on social media. Parents can say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to this in the form

So far, we have had no one say ‘no’ to taking part in traditional class photos or being in the Yearbook – and so far, outlining the detail of what we use photos for and when we will ask for specific permission seems to be working

We thank our Strategic Partners