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Ailene Hlaing
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Hi Melissa,

We do have a form, however, our head office is currently reviewing all forms (there are 18 schools) to make it more consistent across the board. I’ll share it once approved. The wording we have covers most scenarios. For things like Yearbook and class photos, these are “mandatory” as it’s challenging to crop out individuals who don’t have permission. Out of 1,700+ students, so far we only have about 12 students who’s families have specific publishing requests that we need to be mindful of. Families who don’t respond, we automatically classify as “no photographs” until they submit the form.

We have been trying to implement School Bench for over a year now but it is very time consuming and works using facial recognition technology. Training the system and managing photos is a full time job on its own – something that schools need to understand before implementing something like this. You also need to ensure/remind Staff to use the app’s camera rather than the phone camera AND delete photos from their device.

I’ll check back on this thread soon.

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