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Clare Underdown
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We had our 50th in 2022
– Service was cancelled due to COVID, but we did a cake (for staff- cooked by Boarding kitchen) and ordered cupcakes for all the kids
– Worked with archives to do stories from the past – one post per week
– we did do a book (expensive exercise and did not sell)
– Black tie dinner and fundraiser – was a great night- limited to 200 people, tickets were around the $150 mark and it was a mix of current parents, current/past staff and past students. We auctioned art items on the night and had a raffle with coasters with a design created by the students as the raffle tickets (so tickets were $25, or $100 for 4 and they got to keep the raffle ticket). Some of the funds from the raffle were used as a cash prize. The coasters were numbered as well (ie their ticket number for the raffle).
– held a community fiesta – which was a nod to our old School fetes. Great day attended by lots of current and past community
– launched our first online giving day
– did pins we have done these for all significant anniversaries and they are really well received
– produced ‘bumper stickers’ these were actually circle stickers with the 50th logo that we gave to all current families with the idea of putting on car- they were well received but not all put on cars
– did anniversary wine- not success we have heaps left
– did coffee cups well received but we ordered too many (we did sell them more than they cost, but just did not sell enough).

Good luck- it is a great opportunity to engage with alumni and build school spirit

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