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Meg Graham
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Hi Liz,
We have a slightly different approach. No fee per se, that was scrapped almost a decade ago. Everyone that leaves the school (at ANY age) is automatically included in the association. No funds are transferred to the Old Collegians, though there is a budget within the school for projects which is based on real expenses and anticipated future expenses. All reunions, administration, branding etc are covered by the school. And there is no expectation of gifts or donations from the Old Collegians’ Association. They are fully integrated into fundraising goals through the Foundation (though some donations trickle through as the Associations’ existing bank balances are fully distributed). Individual and group donations remain captured and reported as a special class of donation though land directly into the Foundation accounts.
The purpose of the OGA is to provides opportunities to remain involved in activities in the school and events both open and closed. The database is maintained by the College and we facilitate all communications so privacy issues are controlled. The OGA provides ready, willing and able volunteers whenever we need – archives, events, presentations to the students. The most requests we get from Old Collegians is for advertising for a new business, management of a reunion event or support in their career journey. This is all handled in a bespoke manner – though the requests are few!
Hope this helps. It is always interesting to see how everyone else manages this space!

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