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Megan Davis
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Hi Kim,

We have the Late Withdrawal Fee noted on our Fee Schedule (available on website, in enrolment pack, and emailed to families each year), in our Fees Policy (available on School Portal) and our Withdrawing a Student Policy (available on School Portal). The wording in our Enrolment Contract includes the following:

We reserve “the right to review its fees from time to time. Fees for the following school year will be announced on or before the last day of term 3 of the previous year. I/we agree to pay any increases in fees.”, and “I/we accept and acknowledge that a full term’s notice of withdrawal of enrolment must be provided in writing to the school. For existing students, written notice must be received a full term prior to the last day of attendance. For new students, written notice must be received one term prior to the student’s commencement at the school. In the event notice is not provided, I/we accept that a $650.00 late withdrawal fee will be payable to the school per child in lieu of notice plus any outstanding fees….”.

I hope that helps. Maybe someone else has wording they use?

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