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Michelle De Rooy
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Hi, we use Edumate and Funnel. I don’t particluarly love Edumate but I love Funnel and often speak with other schools on behalf of Digistorm as I understand and use their products at a “superuser” level. I’d be happy to speak with anyone regarding the duplicate issues that many often experience with leads/guardians. Please feel free to email me at or call me on 02 8889 4600 (option 6) and ask for Michelle de Rooy. The short answer is it comes to the way your form is setup and data is collected. The clearer you make it to families the less likely they are to use “Melissa” on one form and “Mel” on another and you can setup forms/fields to automatically update and not update once received. We have had user issues on the parents side that they don’t enter the correct/same information across multiple forms for the student and that Funnel automatically connects the student and updates it (which it should) but the parent has entered it wrong. I.e. they enquired for 2024 Year 7 but accidently applied for 2025 Year 7. There are ways to control which fields automatically update and connect and which fields are just for admin purposes (i.e. you need the name of the parent attending an event but don’t need it to be udpated in the profile when the form is submitted). I use Funnel with A LOT of conditional logic and automations and happy to offer ideas to other schools. I still find it doesnt do some things I wish it did, but I found Digistorm products (funnel, enrol online etc) was the best one for us with the customisation I wanted to have for our school and in our forms. We don’t do anything on paper any more and there isn’t much we do manually anymore in spreadsheets either.

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