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Ana Gozalo
Forum Participant

Hi Paul,

I must say, the activities you’ve planned are not only fantastic but also quite manageable, even if you don’t have a large team to work with. To further enhance your participation numbers, I’d recommend recording the donations from the BBQ and/or bake sale individually rather than as a lump sum. You could use printed class lists to streamline this process, which would be ideal.

Additionally, here are a couple of extra ideas to consider:

– School Decorations: Sprucing up the school with posters, balloons, and other decorations can create a festive atmosphere and draw more attention to Giving Day.
– Screen Broadcast: Utilise every available screen around the school, including the staff room, to display the Giving Day page. This will ensure that the message reaches as many people as possible.
– Additional Helpers: If possible, recruit some extra hands on the day from other departments. We had a few individuals from the admin team helping out with donation processing and platform monitoring. It’s a full-time job on the day!

Lastly, don’t forget to plan a staff activity to celebrate your success. It’s a great way to acknowledge everyone’s hard work and contribution to the event.

Best of luck with your Giving Day, and I’m sure it will be a tremendous success!

Warm regards,

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