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Franceen Challons
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Hi Ilse,

We don’t accept an application without two signatures unless there is a court order specifically stating that one parent has all the rights for decision-making regarding the student’s education or one parent has sole custodianship or if the other parent is deceased. We have recently had a case where both parents were happy with the children coming to the College, but the father would not sign as he did not want to be legally responsible for fees. We had our lawyers draft a document whereby one parent is signing a binding agreement to state they are solely responsible for all fees and the father must sign the application and acceptance forms to say he agrees with the child attending the College, but the binding agreement stipulates that he will not be jointly and severally liable for fees.

I attended an Educate PLUS webinar in 2021 and the video is in the Educate PLUS Knowledgebank to view “Admissions SIG Admissions And The Law | 29 July 2021”. You might find this useful :)


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