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Cherie Butcher
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We initiated Schoolbench but after a few years decided we were not getting enough value for the expense — and it is expensive. I mostly kept searching manually for our yearbook stuff, which was the main issue, and we file our photos in a way that is easy to search. We have few students who cannot be included so we can keep track of them. We have around 850 students.

Probably a separate issue, but I admit to feeling quite uneasy about social media most of the time though. We delete our online movies on Vimeo (used to use YouTube) once a year to maintain privacy for our graduates, but I feel as if there may come a time when social media creates massive problems for schools. I’m not sure I’d like my 14 year old face to be splashed over the newspaper when I’m 24. What may be okay in 2023 might not be in 2033.

How are other schools dealing with this issue? Archiving or deleting social media every now and then is probably the solution, but we know this is not the perfect answer.

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