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Danielle Nicolas
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Good Morning, Everyone!

It has been remiss of me, not to have replied sooner… but I am sure if anyone can relate to mid-term craziness, it’s everyone here.

I just wanted to pop back in to express how incredibly grateful I am for all of your feedback. The commonality amongst some of the lens combinations was particularly useful, especially since I couldn’t find any online reviews that could truly attest to what is most practical in a school setting.

In the end, I am pleased to share that my budget request for a Sony A7 IV with the 24-105 f/4 lens was accepted! I had really wanted to shoot for the f/2.8, but the f/4 24-70 I’ve otherwise been using on the tech faculty’s Canon 6D II has held up in most conditions around campus, and I wanted to leave myself a little wiggle room to lobby for the f/2.8 70-200 lens next year as well as prioritise the lighter body of a mirrorless system.

Thanks again for all of the advice – it has been very much appreciated.


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