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Katie Hammond
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Hi Sharon,
We use Enquiry Tracker which we are very happy with. As well as using it for the full application process, we also run all our pre-enrolment communications and also admissions events (Open Days, interviews, tours) through it, e.g. booking in advance, check in on the day, follow up comms etc.
IT Support is prompt and friendly, we have had ET staff offer to be on call for weekend events too although we haven’t had an issue where we needed to contact them.
We do have the same issue with duplicates as mentioned in the reply above from Franceen Challons, we scheduled a fortnightly admin cross check to check for and merge duplicates.
A key factor in choosing software could be its ability to talk to your student management system, i.e. whether you hit a button to import an application directly or if manual data entry is required.
Hope that’s helpful!

Katie Hammond
Enrolments, Chevalier College

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