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Tina Fleming
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Hello John,
In my previous role we implemented some of the following appreciation programs for loyal donors and major donors. There are also some other suggestions below that I have come across from practitioners over the years:
– Major donor round table – with opportunities to attend specific events with the principal, leadership team and foundation board etc
– Birthday flowers or cards
– Personalised school tours of new buildings, new programming (demonstrated by relevent staff) including introductions to new technologies
– Opportunities to be involved in the community not just at events – focus groups etc
– Reserved seating at major school sporting and performing arts events
– Send updates on the impact of the gift
– Handwritten messages from scholarship recipients
– Foundation Board/council to thank major donors – personal phone calls or hand written notes
– Wine tasting or similar events – networking, get message across in a relaxed way
– Students thank you video
– Thank donors by profiling them in the school social media platforms
– Be thoughtful. Listen carefully to your donors make notes. Use face to face time to get to know them better, their personal likes/dislikes, goals, family etc. genuinely make an effort to get to know them.
– Personalise correspondence as much as possible, tailor correspondence to each family. No one wants to receive the same letter as the next donor
– Attempt to resolve donor issues in a timely and thoughtful manner
– Send anniversary cards to donors 3, 5, 7 and 10 years talk about amounts given and the impact made

Hopefully there are one or two ideas of value in there. Coals to Newcastle comes to mind!

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