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Kristina Garla
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Hi Danielle,

At Ivanhoe we changed from our own system to Naavi and their iNewsletter a couple of years back and we absolutely love it. It is really cost effective and so easy to use. Their help service is great, and they update and respond to our suggestions. We have four campus newsletters and a student newsletter with multiple people updating and creating their newsletter (multiple publishers) who all have varying degrees of expertise with this sort of things and all of them have found it easy and intuitive to use. Only downside is you cannot publish a common article across multiple newsletters. This only impacts us if we have a school wide last minute entry, but it does not take long for people to put in. We do not email it out (although you can) we send the link via our comms system we send on a regular basis to parents. The web and mobile view is great, easy for people to review and update changes (perhaps I should become a sales person for Naavi – haha!)

It allows for everything we need and actually each one looks like a mini website.

If you end up going with Naavi, shout out if you need any assistance.

With kindness and gratitude


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