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Danielle Nicolas
Forum Participant

Good Morning, Everyone

Wow – thanks for jumping in so quick. It’s all going to be super helpful as I frame my proposal for Term 2.

Julie – Our main site is also in WordPress, so would greatly appreciate a peek at your news site – my email is

To everyone who has recommended Schoolbox: SUPER jealous of the Community Portal. We currently use SEQTA for LMS, which is currently a little skewed towards our curriculum / data management needs.

Rachelle – thanks for the link to Hail. It doesn’t look quite as print-friendly as Schoolzine (we have a very vocal minority who *still* print) but I’m adding it to the list of options to consider.

Ross – dropping the newsletter entirely would be my ultimate goal; but things are not quite *there*, yet.

Mark / Bill – Naavi! Thank you! Their iNewsletter was on my radar a few years back, and I somehow let it fall off my list…

To all recommending Campaign Monitor – I’ll definitely give it another look. The last time I looked into this, something had swayed me in Mailchimp’s favour. Evidently Campaign Monitor has lifted its game. Maddy, grateful for your breakdown of the time involved. Very helpful in the Schoolzine vs eDM time-spend comparison.

Really appreciate the feedback that’s been coming in on Schoolzine. So far it’s pretty consistent with local referrals I’ve received to date. If we don’t end up outsourcing the PDF as the interim solution, we’ll probbaly dip our toes in Schoolzine for 12 months whilst working in tandem with a developer to build a WordPress News page/site and take the eDM route down the line.

Again, thank you all so much for your responses. Enjoy the rest of the week!


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