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Merryn Parks
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Hi Beth,

I previously worked at oxford falls grammar and now work for ToucanTech. We speak to 100’s of schools each month so have a few experiences to share. At oxford falls we like you cancelled our 2020 events and planned to host physical in 2021. However, i felt we needed the back up plan. Our plan was to run a zoom session at same time and date as the original physical event if the worst happened. Virtual is not as ideal as physical but some engagement better than none. Plus should be cost savings! I wrote down my thoughts on this blog post about creating a virtual event here We also have seen a lot of our international schools who are locked down harder and longer than us run a host of different virtual events. Some recommend doing a trivia set of questions for the event so you have something to do, others ran smaller events for people with something in common ie industry / career link. Drop me an email if you want more examples? Good luck and hoping you and the community around you stay safe.

Merryn Parks

Head of Australia & New Zealand Region, ToucanTech

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