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Merryn Parks
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HI Ralf, when I was at Oxford Falls Grammar we could prompt update your details via our Alumni website which would automatically correct / overwrite old data in our Alumni database. See half way down home page here which has a link to the form. Also since that website had an online community / log in people could update their profiles once logged in. However, we know the truth is most people don’t update unless they see the need. Again through our system (toucantech) we could send an email campaign out and insert merge fields from our database to ask an Alum if that info is still correct. ie “Our records show you live in postcode XXXX” is that still correct? If not visit this link to update your details. We could also easily filter a list of people who had no physical address details in the system and send them a separate campaign to add that info. Now these campaigns relied on us having an email address! Do let me know if you’d like more info on a ‘lost alumni’ campaign we ran. We added 10% more people to our Alumni online community and a few extras just updated their details. Plus I think reunion time is another good timing / opportunity to have people update their details before invitations go out.

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