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Paul Dennett
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Hi Ben

I gather that we had a go with alumna-student mentoring back in 2008, connecting Y11-12 students’ parents to an alumna volunteer. We had about 40 alumnae sign-up but only c.3 students pursue the opportunity, so it petered out, more due to a lack of demand rather than a shortage of willing volunteers. However, I imagine current students will be a bit hungrier for career advice, and also that the arrival of Zoom etc would mean it would be more likely to take hold today, just by making connecting so much easier.

Once we have our new CRM (ToucanTech) up and running we plan on making full use of it’s mentoring functionality, but for alumna-alumna connections. This should avoid some of the complications surrounding the extra levels of safety measures needed when connecting adult-child.

I hope that’s helpful, but Donna Hughes would be very happy to chat with you if you would like any further detail.

Best wishes


PS let’s catch up over coffee again sometime soon!

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