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Bobbi Aralica
Forum Participant

Hi Michelle,

It really depends on your schools structure, resources, funding and purpose of having an alumni association.
Some models work well, but, just as many fail or aren’t sustained in the long term. (lack of ownership or maintaining momentum are 2 pitfalls)

Is your alumni associations independent of the school? eg: a seperate legal entity
I know of schools where the association runs everything and has very little interaction with the school in relation to organising events, reunions, industry meetups, however, involves their members with student mentorship.

There are certainly advantages with a hybrid/collaborative approach especially if you’re engaging your alumni with students.
I noticed many schools may doubled up on programs. (eg. the same program is run by the school and another run by the association)

I have a fairly robust database of what schools are doing, what seems to work and what does not, including the platforms they use.

Feel free to connect on LinkedIn or call me on 0423 40 30 20.
Happy to provide some introductions if needed.

Cheers Bobbi

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