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Bobbi Aralica
Forum Participant

Hello Una,

Both Neil and Vincent offered great suggestions. Are you after a CRM (database) such as Synergetic or do you want to build an online alumni community?

To build an online alumni community (software) you have the following options.

1) Potentiality (Aust company)
2) Troop. (Aust company)
3) Graduway (overseas company)
4) Toucan Tech (UK company)
5) Build your own (expensive option)

Each product has own pros/cons so it’s a good idea to determine why and what you want to achieve.

Happy to provide introductions to company reps, alumni consultants (if needed) or schools whom use any or all of the products.

Happy to chat and provide guidance. or 0423 40 30 20
Cheers Bobbi

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