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Alice Brandon
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Hi Kelly,
We are very much the same as Sandra – we have a survey that goes to all parents at the start of the year. We then put together a list of the “no” and “conditional” responses. Conditional responses are things like, “yes but no photos on social media”.
Once I have the list of no and conditional, this is shared amongst all staff and entered into TASS. When staff send me photos for Facebook and other mediums, I make sure they have first checked the girls in the photos against the list that we have distributed. It’s an onerous process but it seems to work reasonably well in our small school. When it comes time to publish a magazine or the likes, we get all of the senior staff members and year level coordinators to cast their eye over the photos to make sure we haven’t included anyone we shouldn’t have. If a photo ever arises that is really special and there is a child in it who is usually a “no”, I call the parents and ask them, in most cases they give permission for that single photo to be shared in whatever medium it may be.
Hope this helps!
Alice – St Aidan’s AGS Brisbane

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