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Sandra Sonn
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We store photos on a media hub (common folder on our system) that all teachers and staff can access but can’t modify. We have an UPLOAD folder available to them to share their photos.

For the “do not photograph” : I get a list of “do not photograph” students from Edumate at the beginning of the year. If the number of students is quite high, our Head of Community Relations gets directly in touch with parents and they are usually happy for us to use the photos in eNews, school publications, even social media (we do not post students names on social except for achievements). Most often that not, they want to make sure we will seek permission for large posters, banners etc. We usually end up with 2 or 3 students with “no photography” left. Everyone who posts on social media have that list.
As I am the school photographer too, I’ll have a “do not use” in the title of the photos for these students.

I’d love to have facial recognition!


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